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Newlife Reiki Solutions Autumn Newsletter 2017

 Whats News:

Hi All,

While visiting our newish baby grandson and family in Virginia USA over the holiday season, we decided to check out some of the areas that we were guided to activate using earth acupuncture back in 2002.

We re- visited Harper's Ferry in West Virginia, one of the areas which saw John Brown, an abolitionist making his stand against slavery, where he then met an unfortunate end and was hung for his efforts.

The area we had activated was at the convergence of the two mighty rivers, the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. Along side the river was a track,a railway line ( still very much in use), and the old C&O Canal,that runs down from Cumberland Maryland into Washington DC (although now looking very dry and disused).

What we had not previously realized back in 2002 was that the area we activated was a part of the Appalachian Trail which traverses the oldest mountain range in the world. Harper's Ferry is the mid point of the trail and runs a distance of approximately 2,200 Miles between Maine and Georgia.

We found that the energy around the river was light, and it felt peaceful, much different from our original outing in 2002. There have recently been a couple of movies made, about the Appalachian trail, featuring some of the more courageous hikers, which has helped make the trail more popular.  I felt quite jubilant when I realized I could walk 2 miles of the Trail around the town circuit. The joy of starting out was fabulous and especially when I did not have to carry a backpack or hiking gear like I had to on the Camino in Spain.

When I activate a site I still use Earth Acupuncture and my Newlife Reiki Seichim symbols to gain the best possible results.

My first level 1 Newlife Reiki Seichim Workshop is on March 4 & 5, if you would like to do review and reconnect with the energy, we would love to have you. If this information could be of benefit to some one you know, please pass it along.

Best Wishes

Potomac River activation site 2002 and the meeting of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers, West Virginia 2017.   
Workshops for 2017

NLR Seichim Level 1

Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 March
Cost $380
Held in the Yarra Valley

Rings of the Thymus
Saturday April 1
Time 1-4 pm
Cost $75
Held in the Yarra Valley

Earth Acupuncture
Part 1 Saturday May 20
Part 2 Sunday May 21
Time 10am-4pm
Cost $150 part 1
Cost $150 part 2
Held in the Yarra Valley

NLR Seichim Level 2
Sat 17 & Sun 18 June
Time 9am- 5pm
Cost $380
Held in the Yarra Valley

"Rivers of Existence",
Explains the activation process of Earth
Acupuncture and how to work with spiritual guidance.

What the out come of listening to that guidance meant for me and how it changed my life.

A new shipment of Rivers of Existence has recently arrived and now available.
Cost is $20 + postage.
for your copy.

Newlife Reiki Solutions Christmas Summer Newsletter 2016.

Seasons Greetings: 

Whats News:

In my last newsletter, I mentioned my pilgrimage, to walk the Camino from St Jean Pied de Paul, in France to Santiago De Compostela in Galicia Spain. I managed to walk approx 350 kilometers of the 800 kilometer route, the rest of the route I traveled by bus and taxi.
I noticed and felt many different energies along this historic trail. There were incredible dreaming tracks, some very gentle and some rather dark.

The first 200 kilometers was fantastic. I experienced incredible breathtaking scenery, I walked alongside majestic mountains and lovely ancient villages, crossing stone bridges; while following a trail of yellow arrows that show the way to St James' relics.

While on this journey, I was dealing with a hip and ankle injury that slowed my walking considerably. However, this slower pace allowed me time to meditate on family issues, that I had to address and eventually let go of.

Walking the second part of the trail was significantly different. I noticed a swirl of energy called Metta that would sweep me up and move me along. Some how I always reached my destination each day earlier and with so much more ease and grace when this energy was present. This energy called Metta flows through all of life. It is seen as a spiral or triskele symbol (3 spirals grouped together). In Reiki we call it a Cho- Ku- Rei which is a symbol for energizing the chakras.

This Metta energy reminded me of a passage from Paulo Coelho’s book, “The Pilgrimage”.“That everything in our surrounding reflected an uneasy peace, the peace of the world that was still in the process of growing and being created, in order to grow, it had to continue moving along. Nature itself journeyed seeking illumination.”

Towards the third and final stage of my journey many pilgrims joined the walk. This is where all the trails come together. The ankle and hip injury I started with returned, to make the last 20 kms of walking difficult. As my leg ceased, up I took a taxi 3 kms from the center of Santiago and hobbling very slowly used the last day to find my way to the cathedral. The relics of St James are really special and I felt quite emotional while paying my respects, as was the pilgrims' mass, which gave a finality to the whole journey.

As I walk down the stairs from the Cathedral, I felt good. I achieved my goal and stuck to my plan. As Paulo Coelho goes onto say, “the good fight is the one that is fought in the name of our dreams”. This dream did come true for me, I made it happen and by the grace of God, St James, or Metta, the energy that connects us in oneness and moves all of life along, is what it is.

To my clients, friends and family thank you for all your continuing support throughout the year .
Have a wonderful ending to 2016. I will be in USA from 15 Jan- 5 Feb visiting our new grandson Kevin.
You can reach me at email

Best wishes and may abundance and happiness be with you this Christmas.

House Space Clearing.
How is the Metta in your home?
Is it in need of clearing?
A shift of old blocked energy can open up a realm of new possibilities for the year ahead.
Bring your dreams into creation.

Newlife Essenceof the month

Joan de Arc
A harmonious essence for bringing family together at Xmas.
Try using it around the dining table for balance, confidence and loving communication.

Newlife Reiki Solutions Spring Newsletter September 2016.

Newlife Reiki Solutions
Spring Newsletter September 2016.

Hi All

There comes a time when life just seems to be stagnant and you know its time for a review. Where is your life going?  Whats important and what is outgrown, what can be discarded or let go of. I have reached that impasse. So I am taking my own advice and going off to walk the Camino Trail in Spain, September 9th to October 24th, It will be a time of inner reflection, as I celebrate a milestone birthday while on the trail.

This self-development process is not just about clearing patterns, blocks to success, eating healthy, or keeping fit, and while we all have responsibilities, one of which is to firstly, check in on our-self and see how we are doing.

Included in this, is self-preservation of the soul, a commitment to ourselves and our spirit to be content. Its a connection that brings us to the point of oneness, that way of being where we think from our heart/mind.

Known as the way of the heart, this connection requires attention. To take time for inner reflection and allow the movement to another level of understanding.

I have no idea how I will go, but what is driving me is my connection to the Black Madonna and St James. I believe that in the south of France, around the Pyrenees area, there is a strong energy of the Black Madonna, that of the divine feminine and also that of the apostle Saint James, whose relics are interned in the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela and who protects pilgrims on their journey.

I am wondering though, if walking hundreds of kilometers, induces such a state of pain that just getting to the next town will be a miracle in itself. I guess I will find out soon enough.

Because of my travels, I will be doing no more workshops until 2017 and will let you know the workshop dates in December.

Buen Camino

Warmest regards
Love & Light
The Earth Acupuncture Workshop parts 1 & 2 in May, was a wonderful day on Mt Little Joe.
The girls trying out their dowsing on the mountain.

Newlife Reiki Solutions Autumn Newsletter 2016.

Newlife Reiki Solutions Autumn Newsletter 2016.

As we move into Autumn, my 2 month venture into Asia in December and January, is already moving into the background as life's continues ever onward. Kevin and I covered 4 countries and stayed in 9 cities, experiencing the culture of both rural and city.

What an assault on the senses...offerings to the Buddha, and the water Goddess, Phosop, the "Mother of rice prosperity" including offerings to all forms of Nature Spirits in the forests. How lovely! Then the opposite of all that, runs the corruption and scams in every part of daily life. 

Yet all is just as it is, just as it should be. What I might see as a scam is a way of life and earning a wage for another. You just can't get angry for this is how life is in South East Asia and Sri Lanka.
Yet it was Quan Yin who I felt throughout the whole trip. Her nurturing presence gave me heart and felt familiar.Vietnam has Quan Yin as the mother of the land who nurtures, and protects them but each country has their own goddess that they revere.
Thailand have their water goddess of the rice paddies called Phosop. Cambodia has their dakinis, angelic dancers to the King who is worshiped as a Buddha. 

Sri Lanka worships the land also as mother. The land ritual  Agni Hotra, brings renewal to the land through chants and fire ceremony, which we experienced in Kandy, and gave us a fresh start for the accumulated unprocessed energies of the day. 

What I did learn from all this? We are all different in our cultural ways,  yet still we are all connected through the obvious need for shelter, food, clothing and work . All people the world over pray to and make offerings to a higher being. There is a devotion and love of something beyond the physical which provides spiritual sustenance. This is universal and always will be.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Newlife Reiki SeichimLevel 1 Workshop.

Students enjoy a peaceful, relaxing 2 day workshop in the Yarra Valley .
This workshop uses tactile mediums to integrate the healing symbols, everyone learns the hand placements for giving a Newlife Seichim Reiki and receives one. 
Long distant healing is also taught.
A manual and flash cards are provided to keep.
Anyone over 16 years is able to participate.
Vegetarian lunch and morning tea is provided.

Saturday: October 10
Sunday: October 11
Time: 9 am-5 pm
Cost: $350
Place: Yarra Valley

Please phone for bookings
Mob: 0402208634

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Winter With A Hint Of Spring 
 Newlife Reiki Solutions Newsletter 2015

All houses tell a story.
Energies or etheric imprints left from previous owners can be interpreted.The etheric imprints  I have come across include peoples pets who have died, families who have struggled and souls who are stuck and earth bound. For example many people request me to do a clearing because they feel the energy in their house is heavy, dark or blocked.

House clearings never fail to surprise me. In one recent house clearing in Richmond I could feel a massive Clydesdale horse in the backyard .I could feel that this horse was much loved and a working member of the original family who lived there.

Space clearing is not a new concept it is as old as the land. The aboriginal have always been able to read a landscape. They have the ability to read a rock, a tree or the flow of a river and tell you what has gone before.

The landscape holds the song line of the person born there and it is still the same for all who are born here in Australia. A song-line incorporates all the plants, the animal’s, people, spirit beings and history. It’s validation of your own creation story.

My children were born in the Yarra Valley and all have wombat as part of their song line, that means that they can be stubborn at times but also determined, because a wombat will continue along the same path even when blocks are in the way, but it is the balance between determination and stubbornness that wombats need to find. Song lines can be related to an etheric imprint and in a city, while it is sometimes difficult to see what was originally on the site we can gain some understanding or correlation between the lay of the land and those who have live on it.

I love building a story from reading a property and I hope it reminds us of our own creations and connections that add to and make up this wonderful world we reside on.

Bring on Spring.

Warm regards
Newlife Reiki For Kids Workshop

Thus workshop was held in the last school holidays and eight children participated.
We had a wonderful day with all the children practicing loving symbols with play dough and doing Reiki healing on each other by the end of the day.
Well done to all.
"Rivers of Existence"

"Rivers of Existence",
 is available at the TS Bookshop
in Russell St, Melbourne.
Yarra Valley Showcase in Warburton
Amazon Books
Phone Leanne on 0402208634.
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Newlife Reiki Solutions Workshops 2015.

Earth Acupuncture Workshop 

Part 1 Saturday August 29
Part 2 Sunday August 30
Time: 10 am-4 pm
Cost: $150 for each part.

Newlife Reiki Seichim
Level 1 Workshop

Saturday October 10
Sunday October 11
Time: 9 am-5 pm
Cost: $350
Place: Woori Yallock

Please phone for bookings
Mob: 0402208634

Can you see the face of this tree spirit?

Monday, October 6, 2014

Newlife Reiki Solutions 

Spring Newsletter 2014:

Hi All
Spring is such a welcome time of year, spring brings out the lovers; The lovers of nature, love of partners, lovers of the inner journey. That inner journey that takes so much courage, striving and effort to understand and to find the balance of ones inner and outer world.

This spring is especially exciting for my family as most of us are heading to the UK for my daughter Kim’s wedding to her soul mate Hugo in November. Many family and friends are travelling from Aus and Ireland to the Uk for this happy occasion.

It has been 2 years in the planning and yes stress levels have all been upped a notch or two in recent months as the day get closer, some plans not going as wished, hiccups with different parties involved. Out of the craziness, and planning a wedding 10571 miles away, what has occurred to Kim, is the realization that with all that has fallen apart, been adjusted and changed Kim and Hugo’s relationship has strengthened and deepened well beyond the wedding ceremony, planning and all its formalities.
It has led them to the realisation that they mean more to each other than a ceremony, fancy function room, decorations, wedding dress ect.

I have just re-read “On The Way To The Wedding”, a book by Linda Schierse Leonard who says the journey for each person it very different. The outer ceremony that is created is very different to the inner ceremony.
Some of the symbolism represented in the wedding is the veil; the outer symbol represents the preservation of the mystery of the bride for herself and the groom. The inner veil casts the eyes within; it is a venture into the inner mystery of life, love and death, uniting the opposites within us.

The veil prepares us for the vow. The vow is an affirmation of relationship and ultimately of human longing for transcendent wholeness, the mystic marriage of the sun and moon.
Often made with nervousness, as we do not know where the mysterious other will lead us. It can be seen as a death of the egos control, enabling one to make the vow to the greater mysteries of love and life.

The vow to wholeness is symbolised by the wedding ring. A ring gives us the image for the roundness of life, the cycle of seasons, growth and transformation, of death and rebirth. It is an image for the cosmic marriage, the wedding of heaven and earth. With the exchange of the rings in the wedding the ceremony the union of two souls, the ecstasy of the, I and the thou is enacted.

To Kim & Hugo it’s a great way to start life together, grounded and realistic. So I am looking forward to the wedding and may their happiness in each and every moment continue to bloom like a spring day in Gaia’s eternal seasons of life and change.

Warmest regards

Newlife Reiki Solutions:
Workshops for 2015 will be announced in the Summer Newsletter.
Rivers of Existence:
My book is available at the TS Bookshop in Russel St, Melb, Yarra Valley Showcase in Warburton also Amazon Books or phone me on 0402208634. it is now being distributed by Phoenix Distributors.
Congratulations to NLR level 1 student Karen O' Brien & Desrae Thompson.

At the NLR level 1 workshop this month one of the questions asked from the students, was how to be and live in energetic integrity, in a society with all its madness, dishonesty and justifications for bad behavior. 

Energetic integrity, (speaking from the heart,) is a vital component when working with people. It keeps karmic debts in check and leads one to a richer depth of inner understanding. Working with energetic integrity enables you to see things clearer and therefore avoiding making rash decisions that can come from emotional triggers and reactions.
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